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The Letter to the Church in Philadelphia

November 19, 2023 Speaker: Travis Scott Series: Revelation

Passage: Revelation 3:7–13

     “…‘open door’ is used to describe a unique door of opportunity, especially an opportunity for mission activity. It appears that Philadelphia became the ‘beloved’ church because they turned their various challenges into open doors for evangelism.

     “This was the spirit of the Philadelphian church. It was a church that moved beyond a spirit of fear and allowed its obstacles to become, through the power of Christ, open doors of opportunity for building the kingdom and extending the gospel.” – T. Scott Daniels, Seven Deadly Spirits, 110, 111



     “The letter to the church at Philadelphia invites us to ask ourselves: Am I walking through the doors that Jesus has opened for me to share the gospel?” – Nancy Guthrie, Blessed: Experiencing the Promise of the Book of Revelation, 82

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