Join us on Sunday for worship at 9:20 AM at 5450 Friendship Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15232.



Human beings are by our very nature worshipping creatures. Whether it's God or something else we inevitably devote our time, our energy, and our lives to something. And what we worship is what will form us most deeply. This is why God calls us to worship him with all of our lives and Jesus calls us to make him our highest commitment and priority not to burden us, but to help us be shaped and formed by his love, grace, beauty, and truth.     

It's because worship is so formative to our character and lives that God calls us to set aside regular time each week to join with other people in worshiping him. Our intentional break for worship on Sundays is one way we say no to all the other gods that try to control our lives and say yes to having our lives and schedules formed around God's desires for us. Through worship we are strengthened by God to hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, to stir up one another to love and good works, and to encourage one another in the Gospel.