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Westminster Standards

We think beliefs are incredibly important and we don't want to leave something as important as what we believe to whatever we just come up with. We also know that we all have cultural blind spots. This means that while it's important to articulate the faith appropriately in every generation we also need wisdom and experience of other generations of Christians. For this reason, Grace & Peace is what's considered a "Confessional Church."  This means that in addition to the historic Creeds we also subscribe to a historical summary or standard of the Christian faith and use it as a useful tool in navigating life.

The Westminster Standards (Confession and Catechisms) were produced by the Westminster Assembly (1643-1649) and have served as the main confessional documents of Presbyterians throughout the world. 

While the Bible is the ultimate authority for our beliefs and practices, Presbyterians believe the Westminster Standards, while imperfect human documents, are an accurate summary of the overall teachings of Scripture. 

Westminster Standards