Join us this Sunday for worship at 9:20 AM at 5450 Friendship Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15232.


What to expect?

We understand that coming to a church service can be a bit of a daunting and uncomfortable experience for many people. As Christians, we believe that this time is an opportunity to engage with God and his people, and during our formal time of worship we employ a variety of means by which we do that.  Our worship is about 90 minutes long and during that time we sing, pray, listen to Scripture, have a time of teaching, and usually celebrate the Lord's Supper.  

We invite you to participate in whatever way you feel comfortable. If you don't feel like praying, singing, or even standing up you don't need to. No one will think less of you.  We realize that some of our practices may seem strange to you and at times it might even seem like we're speaking a different language.  If that's the case just remember you're not alone and we've all been there at some point. 

While our worship begins at 9:20 am people often come a bit early to grab a cup of tea or coffee and catch up with one another.  Also, we know some people are curious about what to wear if they visit a particular church.  Most people at Grace & Peace dress fairly casually and we encourage you to wear whatever you think will make you most comfortable as you worship.